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How to Save on Your Subscription Box Shipping Costs

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Subscription boxes are a booming business, with more and more people signing up for monthly deliveries of everything from clothes to cosmetics. But as the subscription box industry grows, so does the cost of shipping those boxes to customers’ homes. Here are some tips to save money on subscription box shipping costs.


Ship In Bulk

One of the best ways to save on subscription box shipping costs is shipping bulk. Shipping companies offer discounts for larger shipments, so it’s important to group orders together whenever possible. This can be done by shipping orders from the same location at the same time or by consolidating orders from multiple locations into a single shipment.


Ship With Ground or Economy Options

Another way to save on subscription box shipping costs is to choose a less expensive shipping option. Ground shipping is often cheaper than express shipping, and economy shipping is usually cheaper than ground. Of course, you must ensure your subscription boxes arrive on time and in good condition, so be sure to factor in transit time when choosing a shipping option.


Use SmartPost Options

If you’re shipping with USPS, take advantage of their SmartPost shipping option. SmartPost uses a combination of ground and air transport to get your packages to their destination, which can often be cheaper than shipping by ground or air alone.


Ship Through a Fulfillment Center

If you have a subscription box business with a lot of orders, it may be worth your while to ship through a fulfillment center. Fulfillment centers are warehouses that store and ship products for businesses. They can often get discounts on shipping rates, which they pass on to their customers.



Shipping subscription boxes doesn’t have to be expensive. Following these tips can save money on subscription box shipping costs.